Sigma fp and Mirrorless Lenses Interview from Sigma China


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Here is a Q&A from Sigma China, Sigma CEO talks more on recently announced Sigma fp and full frame mirrorless lenses.

Some highlights:

  • Derivative versions of Sigma fp could be introduced in the future.
  • More f/1.2 mirrorless lenses will coming in near future, while the possibility of f/1.2 DSLR lenses is relatively low.
  • Sigma fp has been planned since two years ago.
  • Sigma will invest more on their X3 systems.
  • Sigma currently is focus on mirrorless lenses.
  • There will be more small lenses such as 45mm f/2.8 DG DN C lens for Sigma fp.
  • Sigma X3 sensor full frame camera is still expected next year.
  • Canon RF mount and Nikon Z mount Sigma full frame mirrorless lenses will not be ignored.
Translated by Google:

Q: Will Sigma launch other versions of fp in the future?
A: The concept of fp is stronger, and derivative versions may be introduced in the future.

Q: Will the Sigma SLR lens launch a large aperture version of f/1.2 in the future? Will there be other f/1.2 mirrorless lenses in the future ?
A: This possibility is not ruled out, but the possibility is relatively low, and the future will bring more lenses specially designed for mirrorless cameras along with Sigma 35mm f/1.2.

Q: When did fp start? How did you think about developing fp?
A: fp has been planned since two years ago. fp is to restore the essence of photography, would it be better to add a video function later? So the fp was born.

Q: Why is the Bayer sensor used for video considerations? What is the proportion of R&D in the future and x3 systems?
A: Yes, it was for video considerations. I originally wanted to use the x3 system, but considering the innovation and the need for video shooting, I finally chose to use the Bayer system. Since x3 itself is Sigma’s own, and there are already a lot of development investment, more will be invested in the future.

Q: Will Sigma reduce the investment in SLR and turn to the development of mirrorless lenses ?
A: No, because there are already many SLR lenses available on the market. So we are now focus on mirrorless lenses in the near future.

Q: How does Bayer sensor used by fp maintain excellent image quality? Realize the function of x3?
A: Even if the same model of different manufacturers is not the same style, Sigma has experience in developing x3, which is very helpful for the development of Bayer sensors. The new machine is still in the process of continuous improvement. It takes some time to achieve the x3 level of image quality and more x3 functions.

Q: Why is fp so small? Will Sigma develop more supporting modules?
A: The design of fp is to restore the essence of the camera and make a lot of compromises. The “modular” design can make it more perfect. In the future, 3D design drawings will be opened, and more manufacturers are expected to join the module design. Sigma may also introduce new modules in the future.

Q: Will there be a compact lens similar to 45mm f2.8 in the future?
A: Yes, there will be more small lenses for fp in the future.

Q: Have you considered the other two L-Mount alliance and designed differentiated products?
A: I didn’t think about it when designing. This is because this new product is designed with this concept. Because Leica, Panasonic and Sigma are different, so the product differences that are designed will also be there. L bayonet will be very diverse in the future.

Q: What is the development progress of Sigma’s new machine with 60.9 megapixel X3 sensor?
A: The new high-pixel x3 machine is still under development. It is already late than expected. We are also stepping up development and it is expected to show up next year.

Q: Will the fp with the flip screen version be released in the future?
A: The flip screen still depends on the future demand. If the demand is relatively large, it will be considered to add a flip screen.

Q: What do you think of the decline of the camera market?
A: From the data point of view, the purchase volume of the entry users has dropped rapidly, but for professional users, the enthusiasts have basically fallen to the end, and there should not be much decline in the future. Manufacturers are also responsible, as long as there are good products, users will still be very concerned, the release of fp has caused a lot of attention. The future is still very optimistic for Chinese users and more confident for China.

Q: fp is the first new machine after the L-Mount alliance. In the league, Panasonic’s main video, Sigma’s new machine has received technical support from Panasonic?
A: No

Q: Sigma has its own advantages in optics. Do you want to have a lot of work in the camera bodies in the future?
A: Sigma is a lens manufacturer, I hope to develop a little bit to the integrated manufacturers. Sigma will still focus on lens optics, we will adjust according to market demand.

Q: The small size of fp is definitely a cut-off. What is it?
A: No mechanical shutter
No viewfinder
Because the battery life is not good
Fp has been the core camera after the compromise.
Shutter synchronization is also a product of compromise.

Q: Will there be Canon RF mount and Nikon Z mount versions in the future?
A: At present, all the considerations are being considered. The progress is hard to say, but it will not be ignored.

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