Manual lenses forum?


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I believe that some people are going to use old manual lenses on L-mount cameras. What the forum is better to use for discussion about M42, SR, LTM etc.?
Hi, I also have R lenses. As well as the 28mm / 50mm 2.8f the 15mm 2.8f is fantastic, also the 100mm 2.8f the macro well it’s another world.
Thanks Leon for sharing good to know others out there who use the R lens on the
SL it’s a great combination 😃
Good morning admin, I’m looking to add the SL lens 28-90mm to my kit, as this is a lens range I don’t have. I like to be able to use new and older lenses, the new one I know will be awesome but I like to use the older ones as well. So I think it would be nice to keep the group of members in one forum, this way people who wish to join the modern era have the chance to listen and learn. I have a question is it at some stage do you think the It department will write a software to allow Rom R lenses to be able greater functions, like manual control. All the hardware is in the lens, and if the SL body can with an adapter can read a particular lens type then it would be great to have also the aperture back on in the view finder. Again a small software update when the R to L adapter is attached. I know the system works out the aperture for you but for me and maybe others we think we like to be in control.

After using the SL I realise any or every thing is only a software away.
Kind regards 😊