How do I pack it up for mailing?

I wrap them in air bags or bubble films. To prevent them from shaking in the box, I filled the gap with old newspaper or bubble film. Is this method feasible?
In my opinion, this method is very good. The bubble film has excellent shock absorption, light body, good definition, considerable ductility, sound insulation and noise reduction, earthquake resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, non-toxic, odorless, waterproof and corrosion resistance.

The primary purpose of Air bubble film is to play the role of packaging protection. It is a cushioning packaging material. When packaging the product, use Air bubble film to wrap the product and do an excellent job of cushioning packaging protection, which can effectively reduce the impact of the product during transportation. The effect of impact can protect the product well.

Air bubble film is used to wrap various products and be used as a cushion in the packaging box to resist impact. The function is to isolate the effect that needs protection from the packaging container to prevent the product from being bumped or damaged during transportation or handling. Etc.; or used to fill the gaps in the packaging container to keep the product in a frozen state in the packaging container, avoid excessive shaking of the product during transportation, and ensure the safe ride of the product and reach the destination safely.

Air Bubble Film Packaging Method

1. For products with prominent edges and corners, it is necessary to use cardboard or the like to separate the product from the air bubble film to prevent it from being scratched by the edges and corners and losing protection.
2. Use air bubble film to fill the gaps in the box to fix the product and prevent excessive shaking.
3. Use air bubble film to wrap the product.
4. Spread air bubble film around the inside of the box for buffer protection.
Different types of products have different packaging methods for air bubble film. It is recommended that the bubble of the air bubble film face outwards in contact with the flat surface of the box, and the smooth surface inside contacts the mailing object.
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I wrap them in air bags or bubble films. To prevent them from shaking in the box, I filled the gap with old newspaper or bubble film. Is this method feasible?

Advantages of Air Column Bag

Compared with cushioning materials such as foam plastic and honeycomb cardboard, air column bags have more prominent advantages, mainly in the following aspects.
(1). Simple structure
For lighter products, all you need to do is appropriately select the size of the cushion air column bag according to the product's external dimensions. Fill it with gas, wrap it around the product, and put it in a carton for transportation and sales.
(2). Wide range of applications
The air column bag has good resilience, temperature and humidity stability, moisture absorption, and shock resistance. Air column bags can be widely used in the transportation of electronics, food, cultural relics, instruments, and other products.
(3). Excellent social and economic benefits
The excellent cushioning of the air column bag effectively avoids damage to products (especially precision instruments, fragile products, and military products) during storage and transportation, reducing economic losses. Besides, the air column bag is made of cheap raw materials with simple processing equipment, reducing packaging costs and increasing product profits.
(4). Good environmental benefits
Compared with foam plastics, the amount of air column used is more minor. The waste air column bag film can be recycled and reused, reducing environmental pollution and having good ecological benefits.
The air column bag will be made by our air cushion machine or air pump.