Save over $1,000 by buying Leica M cameras from Europe (all Leica M film cameras in stock at Meister Camera)


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As I already reported Leica M film cameras are very hard to find in the US. It seems that this is not a problem for some stores in Europe. Meister Camera in Germany for example currently has all analog/film Leica M models in stock available for immediate delivery (Leica MP, Leica M-A in both silver and black finish):

But wait, there is more…

Meister Camera also ships internationally and with the current EUR/USD exchange rate at almost 1:1, it makes a lot of sense to buy directly from Germany. For example, the Leica MP camera incl. the shipping cost to the US will be around $4,450 (depending on the daily exchange rate). For comparison, the same camera in the US costs $5,695 and it is hard to find. The Leica M-A pricing is very similar. They even have the Leica M11 in stock.

If you have any questions, here is Meister Camera’s contact page.

I am not sure if import duty has to be paid in the US. In the past, I have ordered cameras and lenses from Europe and Japan and I never had to pay any US import duties.



Meanwhile -almost- always in stock
The two analog LEICA models MP and M-A.

In particular, the coveted LEICA MP painted in black. The LEICA MP is a tool. Handcrafted, created for the photographers’ craft. Aimed at the decisive photographic parameters. Concentrated technology for concentrated photography, without the distraction of automation.
For images that only a photographer can see, design and capture. No photographic affair, but the camera for life.​

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