Ricoh’s financial results for FY2021 are out




Ricoh released its financial results for FY2021 – here are a few quotes (the camera division is under “Other”):

“Cameras: Increased sales on strong demand for new products (PENTAX/GR), adopted workshop production approach and overhauled sales approaches”

“In keeping with our commitment to helping resolve social issues, we are capitalizing on new opportunities by creating business models that leverage digital technology and our expertise in patents and other aspects of intellectual property. We leverage open innovation to create new value that we could not generate by ourselves. In the smart vision business, Ricoh’s strengths in capturing and image processing technologies are utilized to provide 360° cameras and virtual property guidance applications to the real estate industry, which have been well received.”

“Other sales in fiscal 2021 decreased by 11.3%, to ¥35.5 billion, mainly due to the transition of Ricoh Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ricoh Leasing”) to an equity-method affiliate. Excluding this impact, sales of new products in the camera business were strong and increased. We posted a ¥15.5 billion operating loss in this segment from an operating loss of ¥13.8 billion the previous year, which stemmed partly from forward investments in new businesses. After excluding the impact of deconsolidation Ricoh Leasing, operating loss was ¥14.4 billion.”

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