Nikon Z6/Z7 firmware update 2.0 additional coverage


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Some additional coverage on the new Nikon Z6/Z7 firmware update 2.0 that includes:

  • Eye-Detection autofocus (AF) for still-image shooting
  • AF performance improvements in low-light situations
  • Addition of auto-exposure (AE) tracking capability to the continuous high-speed (extended) mode

First, the Nikon Z6/Z7 Facebook group is full with examples, feedback, commentary on the new firmware update. Definitely worth checking it out.

Nikon USA dedicated firmware update 2.0 page:

Eye-Detection AF

  • Continuously tracks eyes, even when subjects move within the frame
  • Works in AF-S and AF-C focus modes
  • Intelligently recognizes the eyes of multiple people in the frame, giving you the freedom to choose which person and eye to focus on
  • Remains locked on the eyes even when face is partially or temporarily obstructed
  • Built on a legacy of Nikon autofocus and facial recognition innovations

Even Better AF Performance in Low Light

  • Faster, more accurate focusing indoors and for night portraits
  • Reduces the need to switch to Low-Light AF mode to acquire focus

AE Tracking in Continuous H+ (extended) Shooting

  • Auto Exposure (AE) continues to track in every shot throughout the entire burst sequence

New eye-detection AF digitutor videos:

Nikon released also new updated Z6/Z7 product videos:

Other Nikon Z6/Z7 firmware update 2.0 videos:

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