New Sigma Full Frame Foveon L Mount camera


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Hello everyone,

I have a DP3. If Sigma actually sorts out their horrid battery performance, clunky af, unusable ergonomics, compatibility with lightroom, etc, a full frame foveon sensor would be a landscape photographer's dream camera. mobdro
I shoot with a bunch of cameras, Nikon D800e, Fuji x100, Ricoh GRii, etc but nothing comes close to delivering the "bite" and presence of the Sigma.

Unfortunately this camera is also my least used camera, because it's just too clunky and impractical.
Thank you!
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Hi Markus77, just recently I had a look at some of the photo from my Sigma DP2 camera (regrettably sold some years ago) and was astounded by its image quality. I am using Leica SL and Leica L mount and M lenses, but should Sigma come out with FF L mount I would certainly consider it, especially for landscape photography