New Micro Clutch by Peak Design for Leica cameras and other Kickstarter crowdsourcing projects


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Micro Clutch from Peak Design raised $1,077,801 of a $50,000 goal by 9,046 backers with 5 days to go (check also the official Peak Design website). Here is the compatibility with Leica cameras:

The Micro Clutch is a low-profile hand strap alternative that strips away unnecessary bulk without sacrificing a secure, comfortable grip for mirrorless shooters. Designed to accommodate either 2 or 4 finger body grip with full access to camera controls, the Micro Clutch features an adjustable Hypalon strap with silicon padding. Micro Clutch can be quickly installed via an anodized base plate yet easily adjusted for instant access to the camera’s battery door.

The SPINN self-adhesive protective gear wrapper raised $99,558 of $10,177 goal by 1,128 backers with 7 days to go.

Additional information is available here:

The TRANSIT Travel Line by WANDRD raised $323,667 of a $30,000 goal by 1,311 backers with 12 days to go (check also the official WANDRD website).

The TRANSIT Travel Line includes four main products – the TRANSIT Travel Backpack, which comes in two sizes; the TRANSIT Carry-On Roller, the WANDRD Tote Backpack, and the Travel Wallet. All of these products were designed to work together to create a kick-ass travel experience from the moment you start packing your trip.

Thronmax Space mic kit for professional-quality audio raised $44,692 of $15,000 goal by 295 backers with 13 days to go.

Specs: 2.4GHz Wireless Technology | Omnidirectional Microphones | Environmental Noise Cancellation | 8+ Hours Of Battery Life | Compact Design.

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