New changes to l-mountimages


New member
Just a heads up, has been updated with some new changes to the software and layout. It's pretty much ready for prime time now and open for all. So, if you have images captured on L-mount gear, feel free to post and share what you have.

  • Comments section has been updated,
  • Gallery presentation is much more fluid,
  • Following photographers is a breeze,
  • Keeping track of favorites has been simplified,
  • Blurbing and shout-outs is more flexible and an awesome way to get a quick message out,
  • Album creation simplified,
  • Customizing your lens list for non recorded lenses is a breeze. Now easily assign a lens to an image even if its an old lens.

Take the time to sign up for free and start posting. The only thing the site lacks is content since it is fairly new.