It seems that the Leica CL/TL systems are now officially discontinued


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I have been reporting for a while about Leica discontinuing the CL/TL product lines and it seems that this is now officially confirmed by Leica AG according to this forum post (you can still find the Leica CL in stock at Amazon):

“In recent years, the overall photography market has seen a decline in sales of compact and system cameras with smaller sensors. In comparison, the segment of cameras with full-frame sensors is developing particularly positively and shows continuing market growth. This development has prompted Leica Camera AG to discontinue its CL/TL2-System cameras, in order to realign itself strategically with these market changes. Going forward, the company will primarily focus its attention on the production of full-frame cameras.

Nevertheless, the company’s confidence in the high-quality performance of the CL/TL2-System remains unchanged – which is why Leica Camera AG will provide owners of the CL/TL2-System with another six years of comprehensive customer care from the date of purchase.

As ever, delivering a first-class customer experience through products that are superior in both construction and performance, continues to be the company’s primary aim.”

Source: Chassimages

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