Equipment Showcase: Valves, Piping, and Fittings


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Gate valve inspection, pipes, and fittings are important for successful operation of power generation facilities. This equipment includes products with versatile designs to establish effective joining and sealing methods, and better joint integrity, ensuring safe operation in thermal, nuclear, and renewable energy power plants. Manufacturers cite lower installation costs, improved safety and efficiency, and a reduction in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance downtime when promoting their products. Some of the leading manufacturers and service companies for power plant valves, pipes, and fittings are featured here.

Boldrocchi Unveils Gas Turbine Diverter Damper

Boldrocchi earlier this year completed successful testing of its new 7-meter by 7-meter diverter damper for a gas turbine. The diverter damper is a three-way ball valve inspection that discharges exhaust gas from the gas turbine, either into the atmosphere via a bypass stack or into a heat recovery steam generator. The damper offers extreme capacity and surpasses the norm in terms of geometrical sealing, sealing pressure, and closing time, while reducing maintenance, and easing transportation and assembly. This new diverter also allows for a rapid transition from single cycle to combined cycle systems. It is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 700C (1,300F), vibrations, and gas turbulence, as well as elevated wear of components. The diverter is equipped with an air sealing system that allows the sealing degree on exhaust gases to equal 100% (full tightness). The air sealing pressure is greater than +500 millimeter of water column (mm wc), whereas original equipment manufacturers typically require +50 mm wc. The diverter is equipped with hydraulic actuators, giving it a normal operation time of less than 60 seconds and an emergency closing time of less than 20 seconds, as per the customer’s request. However, the diverter has been engineered and manufactured to obtain even shorter actuation times. Boldrocchi has designed this diverter to offer easy transportation and assembly. The diverter can be pre-assembled in a few pieces or delivered fully assembled (in one single part). Boldrocchi has engineered this globe valve inspection diverter for easy installation under single cycle exhaust stacks, instead of existing bend ducts. Boldrocchi, Biassono, Italy

Spirax Sarco Valves Enable ‘Plug and Play’ Installation

Spirax Sarco provides products and services for thermal energy solutions. Its Spira-trol modular control valves leave the factory pre-commissioned for applications, enabling quick “plug and play” installation. The Spira-trol modular design, with quick-change “clamp-in-place” seat, means its duty can be altered to match changing plant conditions, rather than replacing the entire valve. The self-aligning clamp-in-place seat also simplifies maintenance, so no special tools are required and there is no need to take the valve inspection out of the pipeline. This achieves considerable cost savings compared to conventional designs with screw-in seats that often seize in place, requiring valve removal, incurring a lengthy plant shutdown. Both electrically and pneumatically actuated Spira-trol valves from 1/2 inch to 4 inches, up to flanged ANSI 150 versions, are available. With the complete Spira-trol range extending up to 8 inches and ANSI 600 pressure envelope, Spirax Sarco can offer control solutions from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, through process and power, to severe service applications. Spirax Sarco, Cheltenham, United Kingdom