China Electronic Air Column Bag Packing

Company Overview
PackBest keeps his concept of innovation to dedicate itself into the air packaging material field during the past 12 years. The air column bag is such a success. As the improvement of manufacturing techniques, air cushion bag has come to a mature stage, which meets the international standard, achieved several invention patents, gained numerous positive feedback from home and abroad. We have earned lots of advantages over the traditional packaging material (EPS, EPE, EPP, Paper, etc.) Air cushion bag also plays an important role in saving packing cost, saving shipping space, avoiding cracking, damage, etc. In response to the eco-friendly, environmental, creative concept, PackBest will continue to serve for the air packaging field.
Computer Hard Drives Air Pack
Product Details
Air Bag is one of the best protective air packaging materials in the current packing market. The computer hard drives can be well protected by an inflated air cushion bag. The inflated air bubble bag provides buffering and cushioning function during shipment, thus can protect the product without damage. The air filled bag protection effect remains the same even if some air chambers are damaged. This is because each air tube is independent. Air pack can withstand up to 100kgs of pressure. For thicker 200micron film, air bag can even bear more than 300-500kgs pressure.
Ø Eco-friendly raw material;
Ø No tooling cost, quick sampling and production lead time;
Ø Space-saving, cost and labor saving;
Ø Good pressure and shock resistant performance;
Ø Easy to use, inflating easily and quickly;
Ø Nice image will increase your product and corporate image, add your brand value.
How to Design an Air Pack?
1. Send your product picture with dimension to us.
2. Inform us about the product weight to choose the correct material thickness and air tube diameter.
3. Let us know your packing budget.
4. Set the drop test requirement.
5. Begin to design.
6. Send the prototype sample to customer.
7. Modify and remodify the design.
8. Confirm design to place mass order.

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