Any tight on budget shooters here? Tell me what you’ve got.


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Hello everyone,

I put “old lenses, new photos” on my Instagram intro because that’s my gear list. I don’t have a few thousands to spend for gear so I am pretty sure I am the poorest person in the photojournalism school (anyone go to photo school knows how cutting edge the students’ gear are - not talking about amateurs). So I still don’t have the chance to spend on modern glass and I need to do extensive research to get what I can. None of my lenses is over $500. Here’s my gear list:
Nikon D750 (got a good deal at $750 so I sold my D7200, which I bought at $800 in 2017)
Tokina 28-70 2.8 AT-X Pro $200 uc browser shareit appvn
Nikon 20 2.8 $200
Nikon 70-210 4-5.6 $100ish
Sigma 18-50 2.8 $200ish (planning to sell soon)
Nikon 35-70 2.8 $200 ish (selling soon as well)
Nikon 58 2.8 micro $300ish (selling soon)
Canon 6D (bought at $350 and replaced the shutter myself)
Kamero 35 2.8 M42 $12.50
Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar T 50 2.8 M42 $70
Jupiter 37A 135 3.5 M42 $50
Helios 58 2.0 $50
Canon 40 2.8 $100
The Canon is mostly for using with the M42 collection and the Nikon is for work/study.
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Fuji X-T10
Got it used for $195 on ebay.
As far as lenses go I've picked up the XC 16-50 and XC 50-230 for less than $200 in total together. I also grabbed an XF 10-24 in ebay for $250ish because it was "broken" - all that was really needed was a good cleaning of the contacts.
So a good Fuji kit for what, like $600? Shareit app vidmate apk
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Fujifilm x-t1 with a Pentax 50mm 2.0 lens. I only just bought the body, then the manual lens I bought a week later to practice with. My next lens will be a fujinon, but unsure of which one I will buy.

I also have a Sony a350 with kit lens, but I don't use it and it was my first real camera.


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I have the Nikon D750 it is a great camera, even by today's standards. Its Matrix-metering system is very capable, delivering correct exposure in a wide range of situations, and it produces images that have natural yet vibrant colors. The D750 captures an impressive level of sharp detail, and noise is controlled well. mybkexperience mcdvoice
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