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    Last call for contest entries

    Late notice. But the annual Zeissimages photo contest is about a week from closing. You may want to sign up and submit your entries for a chance to win a Zeiss lens. Details can be found here: Good luck!
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    New changes to l-mountimages

    Just a heads up, has been updated with some new changes to the software and layout. It's pretty much ready for prime time now and open for all. So, if you have images captured on L-mount gear, feel free to post and share what you have. Comments section has been updated...
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    Update to l-mountimages

    Quick update. has had an update which includes a revamped gallery, search features and comment based discussion on photos. Have a look and post some new pictures.
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    will m adapter read info for Panasonic

    will the leica m adapter send info about m lenses to the Panasonic s1r?
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    Picked up the S Pro 24-70 !

    From all accounts it looks like a great lens. Build quality is great and its vey snappy and sharp based on initial snapshots. It is big! Will provide more feedback when I use it more.