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    SL1 as backup?

    Just out of curiosity what did you ended up doing?
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    Black or Red emblem?

    Your next step should be to ask your Leica Dealer or better still go to Leica Forum and ask in Leica M System section:
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    Black or Red emblem?

    It indicates that it is a Leica camera, red comes out as standard from Leica; some people repaint it black to make it more ‘stealthy’. I regret selling my, but I am happy with the SL.
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    New Sigma Full Frame Foveon L Mount camera

    Hi Markus77, just recently I had a look at some of the photo from my Sigma DP2 camera (regrettably sold some years ago) and was astounded by its image quality. I am using Leica SL and Leica L mount and M lenses, but should Sigma come out with FF L mount I would certainly consider it, especially...
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    S1/S1R - No thank you.

    I have changed my mind to what I have expressed on 18. 12. 2018. Regarding the Panasonic S1/S1R. It is going to be a find camera. I am definitely getting 4.0/70-200 for my Leica SL and for the time being SL will serve me well for what I am using it.
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    Panasonic Lumix S1/S1R Official Trailer

    go to B&H for video
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    S1/S1R - No thank you.

    Looking at the YouTube footage of Panasonic S1/S1R to me it is a mess of buttons, leavers and switches. Granted it is a preproduction version and most likely final version might look a bit better, but even so I could not live with it being use to Leica SL. So, it will cost me more to wait for...
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    Leica AG to offer SL sensor upgrading service

    I would do the same if available, but it will never happen unfortunately.