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  1. Bhotny

    The other side of the city

    Camera: Fuji X-T4 Lens: AstrHori 14mm/f4.5 Aperture value: f/5.6 Shutter speed: 1/0.25s ISO: 80 Very beautiful picture, can't help but post it and share it..... peace!
  2. Bhotny

    Sunset After Tropical Storm in Florida

    beautiful sunset
  3. Bhotny

    Broken lens? Rockstar 85mm Macro Tilt-Shift Lens Experience

    foreword A few days ago, I shared the footage on social platforms, and many people asked me, did the camera fall? In fact, this is a Rockstar 85mm macro tilt-shift lens. Let me share my recent experience with it. out of the box The packaging cover is simple and the product content is written on...
  4. Bhotny

    AsrHori New Product Release

    Rockstar 85mmF2.8 macro tilt-shift lens out-of-the-box evaluation ️On June 18th, the second tilt-shift lens of Rockstar AstrHori was officially launched. This lens is an 85mmF2.8 macro tilt-shift lens. It was officially launched for pre-sale at 0:00 on the 18th. ️This is a macro lens equipped...
  5. Bhotny

    Profoto Connect Pro for Leica

  6. Bhotny

    Nice Lens

    Buah, de verdad, pocos hay。Seguimos llamando "formato medio" a este chiste,33x44 tiene una 对角线 de 55mm,el 24x36 tiene 43mm 对角线,casi cualquier objetivo del formato 24x36 de focus medias y largas cubre sobrado ese otro 。
  7. Bhotny

    lens that suits you

    This is an m-mount macro lens that can cover 44*33. Interesting and very niche.
  8. Bhotny

    Manual lens selection when using the camera for the first time

    "Every novice photographer must have a 50mm focal length lens" This is the "jargon" of the photography world. You may find this statement a bit exaggerated. In fact, this is not the case. This is the true portrayal of the extraordinary position of the 50mm focal length in the photography...