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    Does Panasonic S1 S1R beat the CANON EOS R in my mind? (video)

    Short answer: "Probably." But I sure wouldn't bet on Canon's glass being anything but on point.
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    Will the Leica SL benefit from the L Alliance?

    I think Leica will benefit from the increased availability of third party glass, and good glass at that. Leica will give the Panny users something to aspire to when their ship comes in. Meanwhile Panasonic gets in on a mature mount design that's proven-they don't have to roll their own. Their...
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    OM-D E-M5-still remarkably relevant-share your favorite menu tricks

    I purchased my first Olympus OM-D E-M5 new in 2014, to replace my lost E-PL1. That little camera had been everywhere with me, including to France, Switzerland and Italy and, it had been a trooper. It took great pics (in halfway decent light) even with the humble kit zoom, so it seemed natural...