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    S1/S1R - No thank you.

    The latest SL Firmware prepares the camera to receive the other L Mount partners' lenses although I'm not certain that will include lens corrections.
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    Potenial SL 2 sensor

    Sony's marketing department leaves all the other manufacturers way behind, which is why it gets so much coverage in the technical press. I share your frustration at the lack of acknowledgement for the SL, which has seen barely a mention in so many articles following the 'L' mount deal. I'm sure...
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    Any thoughts on the Sigma FF foveon?

    Here, Here. I shall be the first to leave if the blinkered fan boys take over the site and in any thread.
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    Leica SL2

    The Nikon 180/2.8D and 85/1.8D are stellar on the SL. I haven't tried the 50/1.8D as I have several 50mm M lenses.. The 24-85/2.8-4 zoom is not good at all and is poor on the D750 too, which is a pity as it is relatively compact. It's good fun trying them out though for the different rendering...
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    Leica SL2

    None of my M lenses are that old so I can't comment, other than that they all perform beautifully on my SL. Contrast that with some of my Nikon glass that I bought when we were in the 12Mp era that perform very disappointingly on a 24Mp sensor.
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    Panasonic S1/S1R full-frame mirrorless camera hands-on videos

    The marketing men bate their hooks and the photobloggers conveniently bite! You'll also have notes that the SL is rarely mentioned in comparative reviews of the Nikon and Canon mirrorless offerings. It is always Sony.
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    Leica SL2

    I think their is little doubt that the current SL lenses are designed for higher resolution sensors and maybe some of the newer 'M' lenses but I wouldn't be so sure of any older glass. But then we get into the 'character' discussion regarding older glass on newer cameras. I'm must confess that...
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    Current list of Leica L-mount lenses

    I thought I read somewhere amongst the various Photokina reports that Sigma would be converting some of their existing lenses to 'L' mount. If they are full frame lenses then they will surely work satisfactorily on APC sensor cameras.
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    Leica SL2

    I'm sure the SL2 will be a beauty, and I could well be tempted, but it will no doubt have a sensor in the region of 40Mp. Yes in theory that will give you finer detail and the ability to crop more but the larger files will demand more computer processing power and hard disk space. You will also...
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    Panasonic S1R vs. Nikon Z7 vs. Leica SL cameras size comparison

    I've never found the SL large in my hands and can't get on with the smaller Sony and Fujifilm cameras, but then I do also use a Nikon D2Xs!
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    Any idea on the relative sizes?

    Yes, I would be interested to know that. It looks from all the photographs that the Panasonic has similar dimensions to the SL, but I would be surprised if it was quite as heavy.
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    The first there Panasonic L-mount full frame mirrorless lenses

    The IQ and pricing of the 70-200 is going to be really interesting.
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    Panasonic S1/S1R full-frame mirrorless camera hands-on videos

    Interesting times to be sure. As an existing L mount user with the Leica SL the opportunity to enjoy an ever-expanding range of lenses that I can choose from is mouthwatering.