Will the Leica SL benefit from the L Alliance?

Will the Leica SL benefit from the L Alliance?
Will we see mounts from sigma and panasonic fit the SL? or adapters?
What about the Zeiss Batis?
Superficially it will likely make Leica seem hot...practically its going to confuse users. We remember in history those Panasonic compacts with Leica skin...Sony compacts with Hasselblad jackets...ideally Panasonic made Leica lens sells at much lower prices...lol.


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I use three bodies, M10, SL and TL2 and mainly use adapted M lenses and a 24-90 on the SL. What I would like to see are fast AF primes that are not crazy expensive (I am accustomed to the cost.... still don't like it lol). I don't know what I want more..... 50 Noct (M) or 50 Lux (SL)…...
Leica will definitely benefit from the alliance. Currently, most people are put off by the astronomical prices of Leica glass. If they can get a used T or SL and pair it with Panny or Sigma glass, it would open up more Leica users to the world.
I think Leica will benefit from the increased availability of third party glass, and good glass at that. Leica will give the Panny users something to aspire to when their ship comes in. Meanwhile Panasonic gets in on a mature mount design that's proven-they don't have to roll their own. Their camera system will debut with a pretty good selection of glass already extant. Seems like everyone wins.