S1/S1R - No thank you.


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Looking at the YouTube footage of Panasonic S1/S1R to me it is a mess of buttons, leavers and switches. Granted it is a preproduction version and most likely final version might look a bit better, but even so I could not live with it being use to Leica SL. So, it will cost me more to wait for SL2 but that is something that I am prepared to do. What do you thing usesrs of a SL?
I have 2 SL bodies and all the lenses except for the 90 cron and I am all over the S1R. While I appreciate the aesthetics and image quality, the AFC is terrible. Trying to keep up with my 20 mo old grandson over Christmas was impossible. If I can get a pro, weather sealed body with 47mp, 8-10 FPS and great af, I will gladly sell my SLs. I realize the FPS and AF is still a question so, am eagerly waiting for final specs.
In my experience most cameras that have 'a mess of buttons' don't need you to actually use all those buttons. Set the camera up once and for me shoot in aperture priority and you're done. I know what you mean about the SL, I love the clean aesthetics of it too but given how much cheaper the S1R is I can live with a few buttons:)
I am planning on buying an S1R so I have a 2nd body instead of buying the SL2.